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Cheryl Pettigrew

Cheryl Pettigrew

Gunnison, CO


I have always done art in some form since childhood. As I grew older, pencil and ink became my favorite mediums. At the age of 30 I discovered paint and a new door opened. I found there to be almost limitless possibilities with color and so my adventure began. I attended Western State College and earned a BFA in fine art. While there I studied the human form and excelled in this subject. After I graduated I continued to work with people but became bored because it seemed like it was limiting. I did not work in any medium for almost 8 yrs. About 4 yrs ago I picked up my brushes and discovered landscapes and seascapes. Out of this I developed my own style and technique. At first my work barely showed the flavor and design that it does now. Although the paintings were barely expressive, I could see something unfolding with every picture. As my abilities began to grow in this new style so did my appetite for expressing myself. Although the images of landscapes, florals, and seascapes are from real places and things, when I sit down to paint I use my creativity to manipulate the scene. In this way I am able to make pictures that reflect how I see the world around me. I hope to continue in this venture and possibily open even more doors on this journey.


Waterfalls at Midnight - wcs by Cheryl Pettigrew


Sunset on the Great Lakes-wcs by Cheryl Pettigrew


Closing Another Day by Cheryl Pettigrew


At Waters Edge -wcs by Cheryl Pettigrew


The Desert Long Forgotten-wcs by Cheryl Pettigrew


In the Coolness of Night by Cheryl Pettigrew


Sunset Off the California Coast - wcs by Cheryl Pettigrew


Water Under the Moonligt by Cheryl Pettigrew


Sunrise on the Beach - wcs by Cheryl Pettigrew


Water in the Gunnison Valley by Cheryl Pettigrew


The Quiet Ocean -wcs by Cheryl Pettigrew


Flowers on a Pedestal - wcs by Cheryl Pettigrew


Deep Water - wcs by Cheryl Pettigrew


Cool Afternoons by Cheryl Pettigrew


Moonlight and Waterfalls - wcs by Cheryl Pettigrew


Into the Ocean II by Cheryl Pettigrew


Path by the Falls by Cheryl Pettigrew


Untitled Female Portrait by Cheryl Pettigrew


Old Miner from Victor Colorado by Cheryl Pettigrew